RVQG 2023-2024 President's Challenge

President’s Challenge 2023/24
Escape from the Second Dimension!

Create the effect of 3D in a 2D world.

There are many ways to trick the eye. Here are a few:

1. Use patterns designed for contrasting values of light and shadow
eg: log cabin, blooming nine patch, tumbling blocks, drop shadow blocks

2. Simulate transparency; a technique often seen in modern quilts
eg: the purple intersection where a blue stripe “crosses” a red stripe

3. Create a vantage point by using relative values of size, light and colour saturation to
give depth, as in a landscape

4. Use textured or ombré fabrics, trapunto, thread work or stumpwork

I’m sure you will think of other better ways to create the sense of a third dimension. The perimeter of your work should measure no larger than 60”.  

Please bring your challenge to the Annual General Meeting in May for display and discussion. Should you wish to display it at the quilt show no registration is required, but you must hand it in at the April meeting.