Rouge Valley Quilters' Guild has an extensive library including books and DVDs for the use of its members. 

At our general meeting, the library books will be available to sign out.

If you have any suggestions for books the guild should have in their library, please contact our librarians, Jo Ann S. or Janet A.

New in Sept 2023....novels with quilt themes. If you
need a diversion from quilting, wrapping,
Christmas baking, etc. enjoy a nice read. (We
haven’t personally read them though so give us
some feedback).

During the winter months the guild will be meeting
on zoom only. Therefore, your access to the library
will be quite limited. If you wish to order a book,
we ask that you do so before January 15 and we
will schedule a pickup day from my home in
Pickering by the end of January. Likewise in

Please Library Inventory by title and Library by subject to view a complete list of the items we have.

Your librarians, 
Jo Ann S. & Janet A.

Library Overview 
  1. Items from the collection may be borrowed by RVQG members only.
  2. You may borrow up to 3 items at a time.
  3. Borrowing period is 1 month only.
Borrowing Procedure
  1. Sign the borrowing card(s) with your name, telephone number and borrowing date (d/m/y).
  2. Place the cards in the small bin.
  3. Must show membership card as ID.
  1. Place items in RETURN box if they are on time.
  2. If items are overdue, hand them to the librarian to ensure that your name will not appear on the overdue list.
Library Policies
  1. Materials can be renewed once if presented in person at the Guild meeting.
  2. Materials are not to be marked in any way.
  3. Members with overdue items will have their name published in the next newsletter as a reminder to return the item.