Rouge Valley Quilt Guild has an extensive library including over 600 books, magazines and new in 2023, rulers. You may peruse our inventory in two ways – by title and by subject. 
Each month, the librarians will display books in a subject area. If you wish to have another item made available to you, kindly email us prior to our meeting and we will do our best to pull it out for you.

For our inventory by subject, click here.
For our inventory by title, click here.
Library Overview:
1. Items from the collection may be borrowed by RVQG members only.
2. You may borrow up to 3 books and 1 ruler at a time.
3. Borrowing period is 1 month only

Borrowing Procedure:
1. Sign the borrowing card(s) with your name, telephone number and date.
2. Place the card in the small bin.
3. When returning, place items in return box or hand to a librarian.

Library Policies:
1. Materials can be renewed if presented in person at the Guild library and not requested
by another member.
2. Materials must not be marked or broken in any way or they must be replaced by

January 2024

We have great news! The inventory of our books, magazines and tools is now up to date and available on our website You can access the list organized by category or by title. You can also search for an item. Just click on the 3 small 

dots in the upper right corner, go to ‘find’ and type in a keyword or 2. You will then see how many times that word appears and they will be highlighted in the list. Since we only put out a small selection each meeting, this will be a great way for you to access the entire library. 

We are meeting via zoom for the next 2 months so if you wish to borrow something, please let me know by Jan 22 and I will arrange to get it for you. I will do the same thing in February (notify me by Feb 22 and I will have it available by month’s end). 

Janet and Jo Ann