Quilting From the Heart

The Rouge Valley Quilters’ Guild's (RVQG) primary community service is Quilting from the Heart (QFTH). Since the RVQG's founding, over 1500 quilts have been sewn and donated. Our primary beneficiary is Julliette's Place, a local women's shelter which has also accepted numerous placemats, throws, scarves, hats, stuffed toys and other handmade creations. As well, we sew and donate placemats for Meals on Wheels in Scarborough and Durham region. We have a new contact at the neo-natal and intensive care unit at Scarborough Centenary Hospital. They would be delighted to receive baby blankets or quilts and children-themed scrub caps. You can find a pattern for the scrub caps here:                                      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmPnQFkigYs 

Your support, service and donations are welcomed! Whether you donate fabric, or cut it to help make the quilt kits or spend time sewing the quilts, your time is appreciated!  

You can pick up quilt kits or drop off your finished creations by contacting either Diane White or Kathy Priestman. Contact information for both can be found on the membership list. 

We would like to remind everyone to return their completed quilts as soon as possible, with the ziplock bag originally containing the kit.  Remember when it comes to quilting: "finished is better than perfect". This is an opportunity to try out new quilting skills and to show your completed quilt during the Guild display session as a showcase of your talent and as a motivation for others. Continuing this year, for every completed RVQG kit or donated quilt, your name will be entered into a draw. there will be two draws and we will choose a winner at our November and May meetings. 

All donated quilts should have a Quilts from the Heart label.

Fabric Donation Guidelines:

  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Any amount of fabric is always appreciated; but the larger lengths (58” or more of 44” wide fabric) are desirable as they can be used for backings. 
  • Leftover fabric from your recently completed quilt is also welcomed. However if the piece of fabric is too small for you to use in your scrap quilt, most likely we won't be able to use it in our quilt kits.
  • If you hear of someone who wants to donate their fabric stash (downsizing, no longer interested in quilting, or whatever the reason), please contact the Quilting from the Heart convenor.
Fabric Size Preferences:

  • Large pieces of a metre or more 
  • If you are donating fabric scraps, please make sure they are larger than 6”.
RVQG Members Can Support Quilting From The Heart By:

  • Sewing quilt kits that have been prepared by the QFTH team.
  • Donating your own finished quilts. 100% cotton fabric should be used.
  • Donating large zip lock bags (for quilt kits), and returning the bags after you have sewn the kit.
  • Cutting fabric to help prepare quilt kits. 
Quilt Size:

  • The best quilt size is approximately 45" x 54".
  • If you are donating a finished quilt of a different size, we will not turn any away! 
Thank you for your support and generosity.

Happy quilting!


Please email or call Kathy to find out what you can do to help her.

QFTH January 2022 Update

While many were spreading Covid this Christmas, our Quilting from the

Heart elves were spreading cheer. A big congratulations and well done!

Ladies, you made an incredible 169 Christmas placemats for Meals on

Wheels! Some of those were little works of art unto themselves. 

In addition to that rather awesome donation, there was a wagonload of

great stuff that went to Julliette's Place. While humming "Twelve Days

of Christmas" to yourself, behold the gifts that Julliette's Place received;

18 Christmas pillowcases, 17 handmade quilts, 3 scarf and toque sets,

3 pairs of mittens, 3 knitted afghans, 2 knitted cowls and a

monogrammed black wool toque. 

And that, my friends, was a great way to celebrate the spirit of

Christmas. Thank you for your time and generosity throughout the

past year, in spite of it all. 

Buh-bye 2021! - burdensome thing. Hello 2022! 


QFTH November 2021 Update

 A shout out to all our generous members...

There was an embarrassment of riches to donate this season!

The representative from the neonatal/intensive care unit at Scarborough Centenary Hospital was delighted to receive RVQG donations for the first time. Your gifts will enhance the packages that families receive when their little darlings go home.

Sonya at Julliette's Place wondered if we'd care to have a tour of their facility. If you are keenly interested in this, please let me know. Obviously we would have to be a small group for privacy reasons. I've included a photo of most of our donations and the accompanying forms, so you can see for yourselves where all your work goes.

There's also a photo of a scrub cap displaying the new label we are using to brand our small items. Please let me know if you would like any of these to sew onto your placemats or pillowcases.

Kudos to our co-president Terry for being the first to complete QFTH's new square-in-a square pattern! We are making our way through the colour wheel by degrees. We still have kits in blue and new red/pink ones as well. Please consider picking one up. Coming soon, green/turquoise!

Quilting from the Heart would like to share a Sew Day on Wednesday, November 24th from 10am - 2pm, the focus being Christmas placemats for Meals on Wheels. The pattern is up to you. Make it fancy, or make it scrappy with leftover Christmas fabrics from years gone by. No matter the design, it'll guarantee a brighter Scarborough table for someone stuck inside during the short grey days of winter solstice.  

Thank you for all your generosity,

Kathy P.