Quilting From the Heart

The Rouge Valley Quilters’ Guild's (RVQG) primary community service is Quilting from the Heart (QFTH). Since the RVQG's founding, over 1500 quilts have been sewn and donated. Our primary beneficiary is Julliette's Place, a local women's shelter which has also accepted numerous placemats, throws, scarves, hats, stuffed toys and other handmade creations. As well, we sew and donate placemats for Meals on Wheels in Scarborough and Durham region. We have a new contact at the neo-natal and intensive care unit at Scarborough Centenary Hospital. They would be delighted to receive baby blankets or quilts and children-themed scrub caps.  

With all the wonderful projects dropped off at the October meeting, we were able to make our first delivery, of the 2022-23 season, to two of our Outreach Projects. Juliettes’ Place and Lakeridge Health, Scarborough. Both places received 1 bag of Quilts and a second bag of assorted other donations (scarves, knitted blankets, bibs and pillowcases etc.). I felt like Santa. Keep up the good work ladies.

Just a quick reminder about fabric donations. We require new, all cotton fabric preferably no smaller than 1 Yard in length, however 1⁄2 yard donations can be good for making bindings.

The November Meeting will be your last chance to pick up a kit or 2 to work on over the winter months. We will not be meeting in person again until March.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

Your Material Girls,
Jan and Brenda

Fabric Donation Guidelines:

  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Any amount of fabric is always appreciated; but the larger lengths (58” or more of 44” wide fabric) are desirable as they can be used for backings. 
  • Leftover fabric from your recently completed quilt is also welcomed. However if the piece of fabric is too small for you to use in your scrap quilt, most likely we won't be able to use it in our quilt kits.
  • If you hear of someone who wants to donate their fabric stash (downsizing, no longer interested in quilting, or whatever the reason), please contact the Quilting from the Heart convenor.
Fabric Size Preferences:

  • Large pieces of a metre or more 
  • If you are donating fabric scraps, please make sure they are larger than 6”.
RVQG Members Can Support Quilting From The Heart By:

  • Sewing quilt kits that have been prepared by the QFTH team.
  • Donating your own finished quilts. 100% cotton fabric should be used.
  • Donating large zip lock bags (for quilt kits), and returning the bags after you have sewn the kit.
  • Cutting fabric to help prepare quilt kits. 
Quilt Size:

  • The best quilt size is approximately 45" x 54".
  • If you are donating a finished quilt of a different size, we will not turn any away! 
All donated quilts should have a Quilts from the Heart label.


May 2022 Update

QFTH Summary so far....

Quilts - 88

Placemats - 160

Pillowcases - 73

Knitted Afghans - 9

Knitted Baby Tuques - 2

Runner - 1

Scrub Caps - 10

Knitted Teddy Bears - 5

Knitted Hat and Mitt Sets - 4

Knitted Hat and Scarf Sets - 3

Pairs of Knitted Mittens - 3

Knitted Scarves - 1

Knitted Cowl - 1

Neck Warmers – 10