About RVQG

Welcome to the Rouge Valley Quilters' Guild website. We are  located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, and have members from across the eastern Greater Toronto Area, including Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa as well as points north.   Rouge Valley Quilters' Guild promotes fellowship among quilters and encourages quilters to share their knowledge about the craft and art of quilting. The guild hosts workshops for our members and we engage knowledgeable guest speakers to educate our membership. The guild is a non-profit organization. All skill levels are welcomed, especially beginners!!

Guild History

The Rouge Valley Quilters' Guild is a not-for profit organization that was established in 1980 to bring together people interested in quilts and quilting.  In 2012 there are dozens of quilt guilds all across Ontario. With meetings and quilt shows and the explosion of quilting on the internet, the world of quilts is more accessible then ever. Magazines, books, videos and websites instruct and delight, while specialty shops cater to our every need. It was not always so easy.

In 1980, when the Rouge Valley Quilters' Guild was formed, it became the third quilt guild in Ontario, following Etobicoke Quilters' Guild in 1977 and York Heritage Quilters' Guild in 1979. The distance to meetings in Etobicoke and North York was prohibitive for many women in our area. We needed a guild to serve Scarborough, Pickering and points east.

Kay Sayer, a local quilting teacher and founding member of York Heritage Quilters' Guild, along with some students and quilting friends, formed Rouge Valley Quilters' Guild in 1980. It attracted 70 members initially and has grown.

Guild members love quilts. We love to talk about quilts, look at quilts, make quilts for our families and other outreach programs, we also like to expand our knowledge of quilts with workshops and guest speakers. Regular meetings give us the opportunity to share in the wonderful work of quilting

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