Block of the Month


Greetings Guild members, 

Welcome to a brand-new year with the Rouge Valley Quilters’ Guild. It’s been a long time since we have met together in person but, hopefully, our virtual meetings will be a thing of the past and we can share, learn, listen and laugh together again soon. Oh, and, best of all, have a POT LUCK! 

It is quite the journey we have been on in the past almost two years. These strange times are the inspiration for the current Block of the Month. 

I have chosen Dorothy’s journey to the Land of Oz as my theme. One day Dorothy finds her life and whole world turned upside down. She does not know where she is any more and is desperate to find a way home to be reunited with her family. However, there are evil forces at work to thwart her. Along the way she meets new friends who help her on her way and those who tell her to go to the Great and Powerful Oz who will reveal the secret of how to get home. Oz turns out not to be as advertised but, in the end, she had the answer all along. 

I think Dorothy’s story relates to our Pandemic experience. We were suddenly tossed into a strange world where nothing is as it was. Our hope is that one day, sometime soon, life will return to normal and we can meet again with friends and loved ones. 

I have chosen the colours of the rainbow for my blocks, although I think the quilt lends itself to be totally scrappy. To be truthful, my own sample is actually a controlled scrap quilt. I used several different blues, several reds, several light backgrounds etc. The sample shown above is a computer-generated rendition. 

The quilt centre with the Flying Geese border around the centre block finishes at 27”, making a lovely wall hanging. By adding the next surrounding rainbow-inspired border you could have a larger 45” wall quilt. Continue on with the next top and bottom borders you have a lovely lap size quilt. 

As some of you may have already guessed, there are more blocks than months in a Guild year, so I have decided to extend things into the 2022 – 2023 Guild year. Who knows? I might even add yet another border to make it a full bed size! 


Here is an estimate of what you will need: 
Green/Emerald: 1.25m 
Purple/Amethyst: .3m 
Red/Ruby: 1.45m 
Orange/Garnet: .3m 
Yellow/Gold: .85m 
Brown/Moonstone: 10” 
scrap Blue/Sapphire: .75m 
Background: 1.75m 
In addition, fusible web and stabilizer in amounts to be given later. 


Each month full instructions for a new block will be given in the Newsletter and on the Website. You are free to download and print the instructions. After you have completed your block take a photo of it and send the photo along with your name and identifying it as The Block of the Month to Trudy Sutton at for inclusion in the following month’s Guild Meeting Show and Share a chance to win a lovely fat quarter bundle. 

Until we meet again on Zoom, or, with luck, in person, 

Irene Dewar

CLICK HERE to get the instructions for the Centre Block Part 1.