Program & Speakers

Oct 2018 Guest Speaker

By the looks of these pictures I missed a wonderful display of quilts by our guest speaker for October, Joyce O'Connell Joyce had a trunk show that would thrill a timid quilter into submission to do a Bargello

Here is our preview Joyce O'Connell

Details about 2018-19 program content will be provided in our monthly newsletter, Borderlines, or as it becomes available.

Hi Ladies 

My name is Donna Schinkel. June Lambden and I are your new Program conveners. 

We are busily working on arranging the speakers for our meetings for the next two years. 

Do you have any suggestions? 

Do you have a talent that you’d like to share?   

We have several programs arranged already yet we are always open to new ideas. Please feel free to contact us (see the executive contacts above).
We are looking for members to volunteer their time to do a demonstration at the February Round Robin. Can you help us out?

Jan will be picking up the Quilts of Valour that our guild has made. If you have any kits, please finish them over the summer and bring them to the September meeting.


We will have our annual Christmas Party. More information on our plans to come later...

Have a great summer...
Donna & June

Edited November 2018