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Welcome to all new RVQG members and returning members!

Please mark your calendar for our 2022-2023 meeting dates, to make sure you don’t miss our lineup of guest speakers. Please read about the September and October guest speakers below.

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All program events occur during the monthly RVQG General Meetings. 


Our meetings for September, October, and November 2022 will be held in-person at Peace Lutheran Church, 928 Liverpool Rd., Pickering L1W 1S6.

Please note that our January and February meetings will be held online, using ZOOM. They will begin at 6:30 to get everyone online. The actual meeting will start at 7pm. 

Our meetings for March, April, and May will be held in-person at Peace Lutheran Church. 


Sept. 26, 2022   Rose Parr   “Sew Smart - The Ergonomics of Healthy Quilting”

Rose has been sewing for 40 years, quilting for 30, and personal training for 16. She holds certifications in Ergonomics, Holistic Nutrition, Arthritis Pain Management, Home Economics, & Personal Training. Rose’s discussions are based on scientific research findings.

She lives in Guelph, Ontario and is a professional longarm quilter and a regular contributor to Canadian Quilter Magazine. Her book " Sew Healthy & Happy, Smart Ergonomics, Stretches & More for Makers" is now available to pre-order at C & T Publishing and Amazon.   

Rose has made it her mission to work at staying pain free while continuing to sew for as long as possible.

You can connect with Rose at:


Oct. 24, 2022 Sharon Galna  "It's Been Quite a Trip"

Sharon’s mother taught her how to sew at the age of ten. Years of garment sewing, alterations, pattern-making in the fashion industry, contract sewing, and bridal parties are behind her now and she has solely focused on quilting for the last 25 years. 

After 14 years of full time teaching at The Ultimate Sewing Centre in Oshawa, and presenting trunk shows and giving workshops to quilt guilds around the province of Ontario, she retired in 2018, but still teaches part time at the store.

In order to keep busy during the pandemic (aside from quilting, of course) her daughter pulled her kicking and screaming into the 21st century by helping her set up a quilting website and blog ( by encouraging her to share her knowledge with others. Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks!

You can connect with Sharon at:         



General Meetings continue to be held virtually on Zoom. While there are several benefits to using this platform, there can be some obstacles…from connectivity issues to managing the variety and capacity of devices members use. Therefore, to ensure that our meeting runs smoothly, please adhere to the timeline for presenters,  so that we all enjoy a quality meeting experience.

1. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Members are encouraged to sign in early to socialize and to make sure computer/tablet/phone devices are connecting well before the meeting starts. 

2. Technical Support: 6:30 – 6:50 pm. If you have a Zoom question or concern, call the Tech Team. First, put you audio on mute, then call Tella or Terry to assist you privately before the meeting starts.

        Technical Support Team: 

                Tella & Terry : please see membership list for phone # 

3. Formal Meeting starts at 7:00 pm. 


a) Mute your audio to drown out background noises (TV, dog       barking, etc.) 

b) Mute audio and turn off your video during guest speaker presentations (you’ll still be able to see the presenter…and their slides, etc.). 

c) If your internet is unstable or you lose your connection, try using the meeting invitation link to get back in. A meeting co-host will admit you at any time during the meeting.

Recap of Speakers from September 2021- May 2022

On September 27, 2021 Paul Leger’s trunk show was very entertaining. It was inspiring to see all the quilts he’s made, and the many quilts he has designed. 

On October 25, 2021 Valerie Wilson presented her amazing journey, “Uncovering Art Quilts”. The guild has ordered her book, "Quilted Faces – An Introduction to Fabric Portraits", a book designed to help beginners overcome their fear of not getting a realistic image.

On November 22, 2021 Melissa Marginet presented her "Get Your Motor Running" talk. She showed us many of her quilt challenge projects, which included a lot of 8 1/2 x 11" sized  pieces. She encouraged us to be creative, try new things, with "fearless exploration"! Our guild library will soon contain her 2 books, "Walking Foot Quilting Designs" and "Edge-to-Edge Walking Foot Quilting Designs".

On Jan.24 Kim Jamieson-Hirst presented her "How to Wrangle Your Scraps" talk. She kept us involved by asking questions and getting our replies through the ‘CHAT’ feature on zoom. We learned some new scrap quilting buzz words, such as ‘confetti quilting’ and ‘crumb quilting’. She gave us great ideas for organizing our scraps and ways to make our scrap quilts look striking!

On Feb. 28 we enjoyed a wonderful presentation from Darcy Hunter. She showed her many small projects, including postcards, journal covers, small art pictures, and mini quilts on a necklace medallion. It was neat to see how she is inspiring your children by teaching art in schools. She has given us ideas on how to pass along our quilting 'bug' to younger children, with small projects that they can get excited about.

On March 28, 2022 Irene Blanck, showed us her many appliqued quilts. Her love of birds, flowers, baskets and leaves is evident in her designs. Irene gave us some tips for appliqueing. Irene felt badly that her slideshow presentation didn't go as smoothly as planned, so she has sent a free pattern to make a Stitched Up Needlecase
Please click here to see the pattern and instructions.

On April 25, 2022, Susan Madu presented her "Modern Blendedtalk. She showed us examples of traditional blocks, and then showed us ways to make them more modern. I actually took notes!

Here are some key points:

     1)       Play with scale (size of blocks)

2)       Fabric choices

3)       Thread colour for quilting (or adding hand quilting to a quilted project)

4)       The quilting design.. try wavy lines or straight lines, making the spacing uneven

5)       Use an alternate grid (not just rows and columns)

6)       Using an updated colour palette. Also the use of colour is achieved by what you place the colour next to. Susan talked about a Grey Scale Finder to help select colours for your project that will have a higher value contrast.

7)       Shape of blocks; using rectangles instead of squares

Susan has 2 complementary patterns, Scrap Basket #1 and Scrap Basket #2 on her blog.

Scrap Basket #1 - Link to First Step

Scrap Basket #2 - Link to First Step

Susan’s patterns can be ordered by any local quilt shop in Canada from her distributor Erie Quilt Art.  To get a better idea about her patterns, attached below is a link to Erie Quilt Art’s site that lists her patterns.  Please note, Erie sells wholesale only.

 Thanks for the tips and tricks you gave us, Susan.

 You can connect with Susan at:

Instagram:  @modernblendedquilts

Facebook:  Modern Blended Quilts

blog at