Sunday, June 24, 2018

Looking back

Hello Members,

Our last newsletter from Joanne is up give her thanks on a job well done I cannot imagine not having a newsletter it is the core of our information this one includes the year at a glance and what the executive has done to keep our guild exciting, the guild could not run without our wonderful volunteers thank you all for stepping in and making our spectacular!

We  look forward to 2018-19 and Welcome Deb K as our newsletter editor and the rest of the new executive for the coming year I can't wait to see what they have in store for us!

There are some great quilt shows coming this summer the Picton one, Quilts by the Creek and if I find more I will post on the side click on the links there and it will lead you to the page. There is also a sew-a-long by Border Creek Station it is free and you can make 2 blocks a week for 20 weeks just in time for Christmas finish. I would love to see what people make with it what fabrics you will use? how you would make it your own?

Summer slows the quilting world down some but not all the way it still keeps us imagining as we work on our gardens, go to bbq's travel to visit families in other provinces. I hope to hear about your summer adventures on our first meeting of Sept 25 it really isn't that far away

Happy Summer!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

BCS is doing a free sew a long

What a great way to start your summer when your garden is blooming and there is just too much heat to be outside Border Creek Station is doing a free sew along 2 blocks a week for 20 weeks just think you know you have to do it! What you are in the middle of a project well this is only 2 blocks a week if you did this you would have 2 quilts done I hope to see some others working on it!

Hope you are absolutely enjoying our lovely weather, are you going to any quilt shows just finished Fergus and now to Trenton Quilt show and Kingston!

Hope to see you on the road!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Saying farewell to another great year

Can you believe that we are into our last meeting it is the AGM and then it is summer. We are still looking for 3 chairs to fill

Vice-President-read the job description know that you will get support from your executive and your members this is the best way to get to know your guild and how it works. We as the executive know it takes many hands for the guild to be a success support is there.

Newsletter Editor-Do you like your newsletter? I love it and it is packed with information from many different sources this is vital to our guild how else are we going to know what is going on in our guild and around the quilting world? ask any questions if need be you will get help. You are given the material to put into the newsletter, just a little coaxing on the deadline to when to submit and a little editing and voila magic our Newsletter! hope you give it a shot!

Programme Convenor- this can be as complicated or as easy as you want to make it there are many talented quilters that would love to speak at our guild and do workshops, there are wonderful new techniques and what quilter does not want to see a great trunk show.

Read your newsletter to find out who to talk to about these positions even if your interest is peaked a little doesn't hurt to find out more about the position and what is required.

The last newsletter of the year is up, give yourself a break from the beginnings of spring gardening we have all been trying to hustle to get them cleaned up from our weather we have been having was it only 3 weeks ago we had an ice storm? Well sit for a minute enjoy your newsletter think of the summer fun and the quilt shows that are coming. What are you going to work on, something you need to finish, something new from one of the bee night or workshop lessons? Can't wait for Sept to see what is store for 2018-19.

Please have a safe, and productive summer. Think about your guild and what you would like to see give the executive your input this is your guild and we want to make it the most we can we have a wonderful venue to meet in with a fantastic group of quilters!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Well I am not sure what happened but I missed our meeting on Monday with the weather the way it was and everything else going on around us April came in like a lion. I hope that with our power outages and ice storms that everyone was able to relax and stitch a little.

The renewal form is up so take a moment fill it out and bring it to our May meeting so that you can visit and see what the excitement will be in the year to come. Hope you all had a grand time with Kathy Wylie as the guest speaker I really wanted to see her! Such great talent! and applique too!

Well the last 2 days have been better weather gardening will soon come into play with a little less stitching but we can dream about it as we nurture our flowers into spring blooms.

See you in May

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Happy National Quilting Day!!

There is so much going on for quilters around the world! I hope that you area able to do something in the way of quilting this weekend. I apologize for being late but I was teaching my 3rd applique class with the guild members WOW! what a great response

A big thank you to Gail and Joanne they are wonderful promoters and are really trying different methods to our workshops by lowering the price and also by just doing techniques, that you can use for the projects you are already working on. I am sending out a personal thank you to both of you for the fabulous and enthusiastic job you are doing!

Your newsletter is uploaded, grab a cuppa and read all the exciting new information we are doing. Bee Nights have opened up an area where you can do some hand work, you will want  to work on your Hexies after this Bee Night and what better way them with your quilting friends!  We will be coming out to Applique I will be there trying to finish my projects and would love to have some company.

Quilt shows are coming up don't forget you have the Etobicoke show Mar 23, 24 and there is another  event that I think would be interesting at the Gibson House Museum on Mar 24 The World of Alias Grace if you have an opportunity this would be interesting I might see you there!

Well get some stitches in show us what you are doing on our Facebook page would love to start chatting up there if you can!


Saturday, March 03, 2018

RVQG BOM and new online freebee starting

Good Sat Morning!!

Walking the dog this morning we found that Cardinals were really singing it was still brisk but we just walked a little faster. Inhaling all that fresh got me thinking about our webpage and getting some work caught up I have put the new BOM up and will update later today more quilt shows that are coming this year is just full of shows exciting!

There is another free BOM starting and she has the requirements up these blocks will stay for a month and then will have to be purchased the site is called Sentimental Stiches click on the name it will bring you to her page. The quilt is both pieced and applique simple applique for those that have taken the workshop this is a great project to start with you will not get board.

Well off again busy Sat I hope you are all getting some stitching in, think about what the guild has in store for you and get involved we are still looking for a Quilt Show Conveyor I spoke with Lizette and she is willing to go through her 2 years she has done it with the person that volunteers you have a network of quilters that love to help so contact any of the executive and they will direct you in the right path.


Thursday, March 01, 2018

Free BOM Morning Glory

This is for both the applique and the piecer you will love this if you love to do both it is free for one month for each block the first one has passed but she has some bonus ones that will cover that take a look find the appliquer within you!!

Once the month has passed you will have to buy the block so save them so that when you want to do it you have them.

Did you know that Bee nights will have a little applique corner Bee night organizers are going to allow us to applique there so those that were interested and would like to work on a project come out to Bee Night I will be there.

Morning Glory Designs 2018 BOM