Year end workshop summary

We would like to thank all of the members that participated in our workshops this year.  Teresa and I were new to this role and have thoroughly enjoyed the journey. 
In October, we had a workshop for free motion machine quilting, this class was taught by our very own member, Lisette Leveille.   We had a full class and it was enjoyed by all.

January’s workshop was Hand quilting.  Again, this was taught by one of our members, Linda HoikoLinda kindly opened her home for us all to enjoy a day of good old fashioned hand quilting on a quilt frame.  A day reminiscent of times gone by. A very relaxing day of learning.

In March, we had a workshop for machine appliqué.  Our member, Tella Visconti, was our instructor for the day.  All participants went home with an almost finished pillow. 

Our last workshop on wool Applique stitches that we were going to hold in conjunction with Special Projects has had to be postponed.

We have so much talent and skill amongst our members that it is a pleasure to showcase them.   If you would like to share your talents with our guild members, please let us know so we can build more workshops and spread the talent.   

A big shout out to the ladies above that took their time and talents to teach our members.  Your talent and patience is much appreciated.   We would also like to thank member Rhoda Brochman for the absolutely delicious homemade treats she prepared for these workshops. We hope you consider joining at least one of our workshops in the coming year.

Your Workshops co-ordinators

Teresa Parzanese and Laura Zimmerman