Sunday, March 18, 2018

Happy National Quilting Day!!

There is so much going on for quilters around the world! I hope that you area able to do something in the way of quilting this weekend. I apologize for being late but I was teaching my 3rd applique class with the guild members WOW! what a great response

A big thank you to Gail and Joanne they are wonderful promoters and are really trying different methods to our workshops by lowering the price and also by just doing techniques, that you can use for the projects you are already working on. I am sending out a personal thank you to both of you for the fabulous and enthusiastic job you are doing!

Your newsletter is uploaded, grab a cuppa and read all the exciting new information we are doing. Bee Nights have opened up an area where you can do some hand work, you will want  to work on your Hexies after this Bee Night and what better way them with your quilting friends!  We will be coming out to Applique I will be there trying to finish my projects and would love to have some company.

Quilt shows are coming up don't forget you have the Etobicoke show Mar 23, 24 and there is another  event that I think would be interesting at the Gibson House Museum on Mar 24 The World of Alias Grace if you have an opportunity this would be interesting I might see you there!

Well get some stitches in show us what you are doing on our Facebook page would love to start chatting up there if you can!