Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Quilt Hugs - Quilt of Valour

November is here! We turned our clocks back!  The sun is shining! This is also a month of reflection to remember our Canadian soldiers who lost their lives for our freedom, and for those who are ready to defend our country as well as helping others to achieve peace around the world.
Jean Humpage recently made a trip to Belleville and met Jan Easton of the Quilt of Valour Canada Society.  She delivered 10 Quilt Hugs on behalf of RVQG.  These were the ones that we assembled and collected during the 2014-2015 season. Thank you, Jean, for making the trip and delivering our treasures.

Quilt of Valour – Canada Society was started in 2006, and has since delivered more than 6,000 quilts to our injured soldiers and veterans.  They hope to reach 10,000 quilts by 2018.  Their website, www.quiltsofvalour.ca is worth visiting.  Take a moment to read their inspiring newsletter.  Plus, they have several patterns available to make QoV quilts.

Thank you for your participation in bringing comfort to members of our Canadian Armed Forces.