Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy foggy Sunday, after rainy Saturday and snowy/cold/windy everything else!

A reminder for our Holiday meeting - we are in the messy shoe season - please bring slippers or indoor shoes instead of dirtying the floors of the church, additionally the tile will get slippery if wet.

Posted earlier were some hints/homework/to do items related to our meeting, also printed in the newsletter, I am sure you have all read those.  I wanted to draw your attention to one item which you may have forgotten - the mug rug challenge!  Tomorrow is the perfect night to bring a mug rug (along with your plate, cutlery, mug and placemat if you want!), so bring on, or a spare, and enter it into the mug rug challenge!

The challenge is still open, the winner will be drawn and prize awarded tomorrow night.  So you have time to join in.  The rules are pretty simple - your mug rug should be no larger than 7x9 inches in size and can be any theme or technique, or combination of techniques you choose.  Make it yourself and stick a sticker on the back with your name - thats it!

See you all tomorrow night!