Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Important! Quilt Show submission deadline and We Want You!!!

Remember Members to show our best quilt show ever and to support our guild submit your Quilt show entries by February 15 to Lisette, if you need forms they are on the sidebar under Quilt show, use your login and password that you would use for your newsletter. Contact us if you can`t remember what it is. This is just to submit your quilt not to bring the quilt you still have time to finish, and there is still lots of winter to finish it in! You can email us your submission and I will forward to Lisette as well all the information is on our Quilt Show Page.

Also we are still looking for positions for the new term, VP, Treasurer, Membership, Quilts from the Heart. If these positions are not filled we do not have a guild. Contact any one of the Executive or email us on the side bar if you have any thoughts on recruiting yourself or how we can get members to volunteer.  I love this guild and want to keep it going but we can`t without your help. I work a fulltime and parttime position and have time to help our guild.  Our President works fulltime and also owns a quilt shop!
We have 2 new members that stepped into Newsletter position Gail and Monica, they only joined Sept and Oct, I am sure all members now appreciate that we have a newsletter. It only takes a few hours a month, with summer vacation!  Help is never far away, we are a team, and the group that is currently executive is a great crew, supportive and inspiring. We can only ask so many times, it is time to step forward and show how much you appreciate our guild.

Hope to see some new faces very soon around our table

Deb Sec/Web Support.