Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 2013 Bee Night Photos

May 13, 2013 was our last Bee Night of the year. Margaret, our guild secretary, showed us how to create attractive potholders in either a tulip or poinsettia design. The results were colourful and helped remind us that summer is on its way. Thanks to everyone who came out on a cold windy evening!

Please scroll down or click the link to see the rest of the photos.

What happened here? I'm afraid you had to be there. What happens in Bee Night, stays in Bee Night.

Our intrepid teacher!

Don't try this next one at home, ladies. A beautiful smile, but watch those fingers!

It looks like a really fun night! 

Terry and Janet have enjoyed being your Bee Night Coordinators for the past two years, and we thank them for an excellent job. See you next year!