Monday, April 08, 2013

New Library Books

Our Librarian Frances has been busy acquiring some new books for the RVQG library. The library can be found on the lower level at most general meetings. Borrowing privileges are restricted to members only. For full details on the procedures, please visit our Library page here.

One of the great "perks" of being the RVQG Librarian is that you have quite a bit of discretion in how to spend the new books budget each year. This is Frances' last year as Librarian, and we are looking for a volunteer to take it over for the next two years. Please email us at to learn more or to volunteer.

These are some of the new books we've received:

Schnibbles Times Two, Quilts from 5" or 10" Squares, by Carrie L. Nelson

Another Bite of Schnibbles, 24 Quilts from 5" or 10" Squares, by Carrie L. Nelson

Best of Fons & Porter: Tabletop Quilts, by Fons & Porter

Oh My Stars, by Marci Baker

130 Mini Quilt Blocks, by Susan Briscoe

Scrap Basket Sensations, by Kim Brackett

Successful Scrap Quilts from Simple Rectangles, by Judy Turner and Margaret Rolfe