Friday, February 22, 2013

Proposed Change to RVQG Elections

The RVQG Executive is exploring the idea of changing the RVQG election procedure. Over the next week we are gathering feedback before we finalize the exact wording changes to the RVQG constitution. All members are encouraged to read the proposal below, and contact Monica with any considerations or feedback by March 1. You can reach her by email at

The Proposed Change
  • Move the elections to the March General Meeting, ahead of the regular Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May.
  • Incoming executives will be elected in March, but not "sworn in" until the AGM in May.


We want to make it easier to serve on the RVQG Executive. We recognize that some jobs, such as the newsletter and website, require a bit more training. So we want to provide a transition period before the summer break where the new executives can work side by side with the outgoing executive for two months. Then they can learn everything there is to learn in a hands-on environment. You never really know what questions you will have until you start doing the job! The new election format will provide continuity, preserve "best practices," and smooth the transition for members who are considering a term on the Executive.

We want to hear your thoughts about this. Please direct any feedback to Monica, who is collecting it for discussion at the next Executive Meeting. Thanks!