Monday, February 11, 2013

New Presidents' Challenge

We would like thank all of you who participated in the last Presidents’ Challenge. You sure make our jobs easy. It was wonderful to see all the entries. Hopefully we will have the same or more participation in our next challenge, due for the May meeting. Once again it will be a viewers' choice. Who best to critique our work but the very ones that care and appreciate our efforts!

Journal Quilt Challenge

Make a Journal Quilt and bring it in to our May General Meeting (May 27, 2013). The size should be 8½” x 11”, labelled on the back giving the technique or experience and of course your name and the date.

What is a Journal Quilt?

These pictures are of journal quilts made by our Membership Co-ordinator Hetty. A Journal Quilt is a mini quilt which shows off a particular quilting technique, material, theme or style. It can depict an experience. The concept is described on the internet as
“... a free-form exercise in creativity, specifically planned to encourage quilt artists to stretch and grow by trying new methods; by experimenting with color, image, composition, materials, and/or techniques.”
Keeping journal quilts is a great way to record your experimental work and see how you progress with new techniques. Labeling these mini quilts with details and the date is a way of seeing your growth through quilting.

We're very excited to see what everyone comes up with. Happy sewing!